Heavenly Acres Ranch
12427 Bosley Lane, Corona, CA.   714.401.1850
Heavenly Acres Ranch is a 127 acre horse ranch that borders the Cleveland National Forest near the I-15 in Corona, CA.  We are a friendly, family owned and operated ranch that specializes in boarding, lay-ups, and retired horses.  We are a small facility that that can provide the love and attention your horse needs.

At Heavenly Acres Ranch, you'll find:
  • Large pastures
  • Boarding
  • Retired horses
  • Weanling/Yearling pasture
  • Lay-ups
  • Covered hay feeders
  • Horse-trailer/tractor-trailer access
  • Western Pleasure training available
  • Caring staff

Please check our pictures and contact pages for more information.

We are not currently accepting any new horses at this time. 


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