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Welcome to the ranch.

Heavenly Acres Ranch LLC was started in 2014 in south central Mississippi.  We are a small acreage ranch whose aim is to provide genetically proven Fullblood and Moderator American Aberdeen beef cattle.  We chose the American Aberdeen breed because of docility, ease of calving, smaller size so you are able to stock more head per acre than traditional larger breeds, and they are extremely efficient in converting more beef per acre than traditional beef cattle.  Our cattle are grass-fed only and receive no grain.  We offer Fullblood and Moderator heifers, bulls, and steers for sale.  All of our cattle are very well cared for and we practice proven husbandry practices to ensure the health and prosperity of our herd.  All of our cattle are registered through the American Aberdeen Association.

About us.

We are located in south central Mississippi and welcome you to come visit our ranch.  We are a family owned and operated small ranch dedicated to helping others who want to raise this breed of cattle.  Our cattle are an excellent fit for other American Aberdeen producers or those who are wanting to start raising this amazing breed.  American Aberdeen Bulls are a great addition for commercial producers looking to improve body weight and feed efficiency into their herds.  Call us if we can help…

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